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16 Feb 2021

Applying Textbook Data Structures for Real Life Wins

A couple months ago I wrote and published my first public blog post for work! It took a lot of effort to massage my rough draft into the final piece and I’m super grateful for the editing, proofreading, and general writing tips and feedback from Joe, Matt, and Dan.

18 May 2018

2018 Update: May

I graduated!!!

17 May 2018

2018 Update: January, published late and incomplete

Published wayyyy too late, I forgot about this a long time ago (January 23 to be precise) and rediscovered it recently and thought it would be worth (for me) to post it for posterity (for me, later)

12 May 2018

Cooking Goals

Ideas for cooking and baking and related projects in a living document. More for of a personal inspiration list for me than real, worthwhile content for you.

11 May 2018
08 May 2018
30 Apr 2018
28 Apr 2018
04 Jan 2018
03 Jan 2018
31 Dec 2017

Changelog 2017

Short-form, semi-structured thoughts and observations about the past year and plans for the year to come. A sort of second attempt/follow-up to Reflection on 2017.

29 Dec 2017