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Summer 2017 Reading List 21 Jul 2017

This is a living document (for the duration of the Summer 2017) to track what I have read and what I plan on reading. Yes, it is a bit late in the summer to be writing a summer reading list. But then again, this is really more for me than for you isn’t it?

Let’s talk hackathon logistics and technology 17 Sep 2016

Running a hackathon is a lot of work. A lot of logistics, a lot of people. A lot of headaches that can be solved with… wait for it… technology. We’ve been to hackathons, we know how to build web-apps, why not try solving some of those headaches?

Data Visualization at HackDuke 23 Jan 2015

Screenshot of data viz We gathered outside at some ungodly hour of the morning, shivering and weighed down by backpacks. Soon we’d be on our way to Durham, North Carolina for HackDuke, a hackathon unlike any other I’d attended. Instead of the usual anything-goes hackathon event, HackDuke’s theme of “Code for Good” encouraged participants to create projects that benefited society.

Photo Award! 24 Dec 2014

Contest Logo I won the 18 and under award in the “People in Nature” category of Mass Audubon Society’s 2014 photo contest! The photo, along with other winners, can be found at Mass Audubon.

Pickl at HackNashville6 20 Nov 2014

In late October we (Michael, Nick and I) saw a post on the GTHackers group on Facebook promoting HackNashville. Almost as a spur of the moment decision, we all signed up and less than a month later we were on a van to Nashville. This is what we did.

Inspector General Reports Project 29 Sep 2014

A couple months ago (April 2014) I found and contributed to a project on Github that scraped government websites for otherwise obscure reports and downloads them in an (hopefully) organized fashion.

Journal 4: Week of May 9th 09 May 2014

This week I’ve worked on a lot of the programming for my project. Most of the navigation and localization code for my project. The problem is that I haven’t had a chance to test the logic on the car itself… so bugs are just waiting to happen. I need to add more mundane code pertaining to debugging and logging information to help me figure out what went wrong when it doesn’t work.

Journal 3: Week of May 2nd 02 May 2014

This past week I’ve done a lot more of the coding for my project as well as refining and fixing some of the circuitry and mechanics of the car.

Journal 2: Week of April 17th 17 Apr 2014

This week I continued testing and fixing some of the problems from last week as well as adding to my main board and finalizing the code for driving. I’m pretty much finishing as much of the work as I can before I start untethering the car.

Journal 1: Week of April 11th 10 Apr 2014

This past week I have started the work to untether my car from the workbench (power supply and breadboards). I started by moving the motor and servo controllers to perfboards and soldering them in place, taking them off the breadboard. I also started implementing the GPS localization algorithms and experimented with KML and generating maps.

RC Car Modifications Update 2 16 Mar 2014

I’ve “finished” a “functional” rc car, basically rebuilding the toy car I took apart months earlier but with in a more fine tuned but limited fashion. Currently it can drive (servo steering and motor control) under the direction of an Xbox 360 controller but it’s total range of motion is ~7 inches since it is still tethered to the power supply (and Beaglebone-USB-Computer).

at HackMIT's Blueprint Hackathon 23 Feb 2014

Yesterday (Feb 22) was the Blueprint Hackathon hosted at Google Cambridge. Team mmmYEP created crapfinder, a web page that serves up amusing curated shopping results based on a how much a customer wanted to spend.