Some of what I’ve been up to, probably out of date

This page is almost always out of date - check out my Github to see what I’m up to.

Dust and Magnet

Originally made at MHacksV with Koushik Krishnan. I continued to develop this project with Ramik Sadana, Chad Stolper, and Dr. John Stasko at the Information Interfaces Lab. This implementation explored the technique on a Microsoft Pixelsense multitouch screen and was presented at IEEE Vis2015.

NCEduVis: North Carolina Education Visualization

Despite the clunky name we tried to make an attractive data visualization to analyse the relative cost effectiveness of various school districts. Churned out at HackDuke, this project was a labor of learning d3.js and processing megabytes of shoddily formatted government Excel spreadsheets.

This project may be revisted in the future and fine tuned for more functionality and more rigorous methodology for our metrics. Critique the hacked-together source on Github.

Pickl: instead of money, bet away your dignity!

DropPhone: an Android Phone utility that screams when your phone is dropped

Written at MHacks, this project has two main parts. There is an actual Andriod app as well as a website that displays where the app has been activated in real time. Take a look at where we dropped our phones (hint: Ann Arbor and Atlanta) at I did the front end for the website and it runs entirely on Firebase, jQuery and Leaflet. The source code for both parts can be found on Github.

BeagleCar: a BeagleBone Black powered autonomous RC car.