Andrew Dai

A little about me, what I've done, and what I'm up to...

Having recently graduated from Georgia Tech (diploma coming soon in the mail), I am currently in the process of oversleeping and watching YouTube, literally doing nothing, worryingly looking over available San Francisco apartment rentals spending time with friends and family, resting and reflecting, and traveling before making the big move out West to San Francisco in mid-June. The rest of this little bio-blurb will be updated… soon™.

I am a student, software engineer, and avid photographer interested in distributed computing, machine learning, diversity, and education inequities currently studying Computer Science and Sociology at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

After getting out in May, I will be joining Heap in San Francisco as a software engineer on the infrastructure team.

In the past, I served as the Director of HackGT and most recently had a summer internship at Square as a software engineering intern in the Platform Engineering team. I also learned to post non-square cropped pictures to Instagram. Prior to that, I held summer internships at Applied Predictive Technologies, InterSystems Corporation, and Concord Consortium.

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