Inspector General Reports Project

aka My First Open Source Contribution

written on 29 Sep 2014 by Andrew Dai

A couple months ago (April 2014) I found and contributed to a project on Github that scraped government websites for otherwise obscure reports and downloads them in an (hopefully) organized fashion.

The project set out to gather all the reports and investigations made by the Inspector Generals. The majority of them are available online but they are each in their own custom website with different organization and formatting. The solution was to custom write a program, called scrapers, for each Inspector General website that analyzed the website and pulled links to the pdf’s of the publicly available documents.

I wrote a scraper for the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). The whole scraper consisted of a short Python script that used BeautifulSoup to go through the site and programmatically copy and download all the pdf’s available. Writing the scraper was a fun challenge and was my first contribution to an open source project. The logic itself wasn’t overly complicated but it was interesting to learn about scraping in general and getting familiarized with BeautifulSoup (a great library).

The project’s next stages are to build a nice website that searches through and serves up all the reports from a centralized repository.

Scrapers - inspectors-general github project page

Website - github project page