Installing ROS on UbuntuARM 13.04 on Beaglebone

written on 09 Feb 2014 by Andrew Dai

After flashing Ubuntu 13.04 onto the Beaglebone, I installed ROS Hydro. The dependency issues I had the first time around seem to have been resolved (collada wasn’t available on UbuntuARM). Installing ROS was painless, but involved.

My Beaglebone Black is tethered to a desktop Ubuntu machine through a USB connection. I access the BBB exclusively through SSH’ing. (Note: the Ubuntu image I flashed onto the BBB did not have avahi installed so SSH’ing with ssh [email protected] does not work. I have to use the IP address: aka ssh [email protected] or ssh -l ubuntu). To access the internet I hacked together a [shell script] (

Afterwards, careful reading of the installation guide led to a lengthy but relatively simple install.