Kalzumeus Software Year in Review 2016, patio11 (Patrick McKenzie) (30 Dec 2016)

…one of my favorite reasons to have a written journal: all I need to do is compare what I wrote prior to starting and what I think now, having a bit more context.

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I’m very excited to find this blog; 1 it immediately falls under the category of blogs-that-generally-cover-my-areas-of-interest-and-have-compelling-narratives-and-writing-styles-I-want-to-copy. 2 I also strongly agree with this point: I write for future-me to remember what current-me thinks.

The retrospective featured well articulated career/lifestyle preferences and rationale behind choices. On joining Stripe after an extended period of self-employment:

Stripe has a cultural norm, announced early and practiced often, that you’re allowed (and expected) to do the work, even if it isn’t “yours” to do based on team / title / seniority / org chart / assigned projects / etc. I love this. I have a bad case of business ADHD, and love finding novel challenges. Stripe has a huge surface area of fun problems, and solutions to them have absurd leverage. It’s like an MMORPG made out of money.

This really struck a chord with me. As HackGT 3 drew closer, (before I became director) I was driven by this same motivation to work on and inquire about challenges throughout the organization. The sense of shared responsibility and opportunity motivated me throughout the last year as director and was a large source of fulfillment. I look forward to this sense of autonomy, responsibility, and accomplishment in the future and especially when I start full-time at Heap.

To note: I initially found this blog through a link to his 2012 essay on salary negotiation.

  1. Linked from Andrew Hoang’s post on finding a job 

  2. Other blogs that also fall under this category include but are not limited to: Joel on Software, Matt Might, Anil Dash, and The Book Buzzer