2018 Update: January, published late and incomplete

written on 17 May 2018 by Andrew Dai

Published wayyyy too late, I forgot about this a long time ago (January 23 to be precise) and rediscovered it recently and thought it would be worth (for me) to post it for posterity (for me, later)

“Days are slow, weeks fly by” - Nick

General updates

  • Ended part-time position at Square
  • Started working part-time at Heap
  • Hendrick’s Gin in great!

More updates outlined in next section about my progress on goals and plans outlined in 2017 Changelog.

Progress on goals/plans

  • Volunteering - None
    • TODO: plans?
  • Lifestyle improvements
    • Better/more consistent sleep schedule
    • Running regularly, ~3 runs/~6 miles/week
    • Cooking and eating mostly vegetables (and pasta). Canned tomatoes (paste, crushed, whole, puree) are great! So are eggplants, cabbages, and squash.
    • Plans:
      • More running - build up to 10k (no longer aiming for 1/2 marathon in March)
      • TODO more
  • Cooking more regularly and starting making sauerkraut
    • Plans:
      • More fermentation! (Kvass?)
      • Lox!
      • Add pancakes/crepes to regular rotation
  • Technical goals
    • Starting to use/learn emacs orgmode
    • Physics 2 homework is a lot easier with Jupyter Notebooks
    • TODO: plan to start on a project (adding to Orgzly?, quantified self with orgmode?)
  • Travel! - weekend trip to Nashville, planning spring break roadtrip across the South
  • Read more!
    • Finished Fahrenheit 451
    • TODO: Plans?
  • Write more!
    • Posted some quotes from readings and my thoughts about them
    • Writing this blog post in long form
    • Plans: