Hands-On, Large Display Visual Data Exploration

aka Dust and Magnet on a Big Fancy Touchscreen

Andrew Dai, Ramik Sadana, Chad Stolper, John Stasko

Dust and Magnet (old)

  • multivariate data visualization
  • keyboard and mouse/desktop

circa 2005

adding magnets, menus!

Moving to a large multitouch display

  • take advantage of touch
  • more intuitive user interface
  • more interactive and responsive
  • allow collaboration

(new) Dust and Magnet

  • simplified interface
  • multitouch!
  • continously animated
  • occlusion-free mode

Simplified, More Intutive Interface

multiple windows → one screen, collapsible menus, rounded corners, and big bright buttons

Moving and Resizing Magnets

Continuous vs. Start/Stop Dust Movement

Removing Magnets

drag into the bottom right corner

Occlusion-Free (before)

Occlusion-Free (after)


tap on the screen!


  • detail view
  • inverse magnets

eta: eventually


try it out: http://bit.ly/d3dnm