Hi! My name isAndrew Dai.

I am a student, tinkerer, pragmatic problem solver, and avid photographer currently studying computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

This past summer I interned at Intersystems in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Working with two other interns and a mentor, my team and I developed and shipped a new web interface and API for the legacy bug and feature tracking software.

In the past, I’ve interned at the Concord Consortium, where I helped develop and test various educational software and web apps. I have also helped create prototype devices for MRI imaging at the Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital and coached for my local town swim team.

At Georgia Tech, under the direction of Dr. John Stasko and in collaboration with PhD students Chad Stopler and Ramik Sadana, I developed a multitouch version of the Dust and Magnet data visualization. It is built with Processing and Java and heavily utilizes the Simple Multitouch Library. A poster was presented at IEEE Vis 2016 and an accompanying presentation is available online.

I am currently working on a larger scale, full-stack web application for visualizing complex, rich data in a collaborative, multi-user/multi-device environment. It is primarily written in Javascript with a Node.js stack backed with MySQL and Elasticsearch. The project is available on my Github.

Résumé [pdf] last updated July/2016


After a brief stint in Canada, I grew up in the quiet suburbs of Boston. This is where I formed my love of both photography and computer science as well as solidifed my immunity to and love of cold weather.


With my fair share of winters behind me, I decided to enjoy some fairer weather. I moved down South to attend school and live out my dream of becoming a carpetbagger.


Summer 2016 brings me to the swampland of Washington DC. The heat and humidity of our nation’s capital taught me to cherish the indoors.